Water Transfer Printing in Billings, MT

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Are you looking to update your vehicle? If so, then you should check out what options you have with water transfer printing. This is a great way to customize your vehicle and give it that extra WOW factor!

Water transfer printing is a 3D decorating process that produces graphics that can be used for a variety of items such as vehicles. These films can be applied to all types of materials including plastic, fiberglass, and metal. Since the material is durable you have a lot options to choose from in regards to where you would like your graphic located on your vehicle. In addition, you can utilize the water transfer printing process to create graphics of pretty much any size! The great thing about this product is the flexibility to get creative with it.

Our team here at Wildfire AutoBody Inc. can walk your through your different design options. From there we can start the process of creating your own custom graphic. Call us today to learn more about your options, 406-702-1200!

Pattern Examples (click to enlarge)