Upgrade Your Ride in Billings, Montana

Upgrade Your Ride in Billings, Montana

Customize your car, truck or motorcycle with auto body artwork

Why should your ride look like everyone else's? For custom auto body artwork in the Billings, MT area, look no further than Wildfire Auto Body Inc. Our talented technicians will bring your vision to life. We specialize in painting realistic flames on cars, trucks and motorcycles.

During the design process, you can tell us about your aesthetic preferences, including flame colors. In no time, the custom flames on your vehicle will be turning heads on the highway.

Think you can't afford to paint flames on your vehicle? Think again. We offer free auto body artwork estimates-call 406-702-1200 today.

Got something special in mind?

We do more than paint custom flames on vehicles. Our crew can handle all kinds of auto body artwork requests. Your only limit is your imagination.

When you pick Wildfire Auto Body as your custom body shop in Billings, MT, you'll rest easy knowing...

  • We've got 35 years of experience creating custom artwork for cars.
  • We'll pay attention to the details that will make your artwork look amazing.
  • We'll go above and beyond to customize your ride.

See for yourself why we're famous for our custom artwork for cars, trucks and motorcycles. Visit our Gallery page now to see photos of our auto body artwork.